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A Little Bit of Our History
1919 – The associate founder, Mr. Rodrigo da Costa Gomes, began his commercial activity in the domain of flours, cereals, vegetables and seeds,
setting it at Rua D. Frei Caetano Brandão, 15, 17 and 19, in Braga.
1919/1946 – During these three decades, he developed his working area in the districts of Braga and Viana do Castelo, being the pioneer in the
introduction of chemical fertilizers in agriculture, as well as animal feeds, potato seeds and pesticides, which came out gradually during this period.
Experimental fields were then fomented, which, with great success and through the obtained results, helped its divulgation and acceptance by the
1947/1977 – The associate founder then creates a sharing partnership with Mr. José de Oliveira, a devoted collaborator who worked for the company
for more then 20 years, and his son, Mr. Fernando de Oliveira Gomes. Always in constant development and already in the actual facilities with 2,600
m2 of covered area, new important departments in the activity were created: yeasts, margarines, Premix for bakery/bread-making and the import of
basic products of various origins, which were always the commercial base and which allowed the acquisition of an enviable position in our labour
1985 – Since the centralization of all our warehouses (7) and offices in the actual facilities of PROVIPEC, at R. da Quinta de Santa Maria, we kept the
idea of creating a new and parallel commercial company that would work only as a RETAILER and which would create new retailing stores.
PROVILOJAS, Comércio de Rações, Lda. was founded, with its head office at R. Frei Caetano Brandão, 29, in Braga, and a store in one of the old
warehouses, after it was duly remodeled. The manager, Mr. José de Oliveira Fernandes, with his large experience of more than three decades, is a
factor for the success of the accomplishing goals. As a trainer, he formed a team of collaborators at the company’s service, with an enviable value and
technical skills in their actual jobs and capable of being responsible for other sale stores, which are in the perspective of a wider future in our RETAIL
2000/2005 – A period of time highlighted by the evolution and response to the modernization demands and, to enable a better service, it was
necessary to hire qualified technicians, specialized in the areas of bakery, animal feed and plant health treatments, for which it became an urgency to
make a few formation meetings that were highly appreciated by our vast number of costumers. The legal demands for quality control of food, in the
areas of reception, storage, transportation and delivery, have our total guarantee in the execution of such demanded rules. The perfect isolation of the
remaining commercial products in appropriate refrigerating facilities for their total hygiene and conservation.
The actual society, as two of the partners passed away, was then created by Mr. Fernando Oliveira Gomes, Mr. José Oliveira Fernandes and Mr.
António de Oliveira Caldas, who, with more than 35 collaborators and a fleet of 16 vehicles, form a coherent and devoted work team that will do
everything to SERVE YOU WELL, thus following the motto that guided us through these 86 years of existence.